Crows Nest Dojo


 Class Description

Our class opens to everyone at all levels. It covers all aspects of general karate practice and is designed to give a complete panorama of the Kyokushin Karate system for the novice student through to advanced, incorporating modern methodology, fighting strategy and body conditioning. Each student is allowed to progress at their own rate, and, with the guidance of the instructors, shown how to set personal goals and see them to fruition. We begin and end each and every class with a brief meditation period to clear the mind and focus on the techniques at hand and whilst we do this in kneeling position it has no religious connections.

After a complete stretch and warm up, we move right into basic training, usually beginning with punches, strikes and blocks, then onto legwork and kicking skills. After that the techniques are practiced on the move in both basic stances and in fighting styles.

We then pair off into partners in order to employ these movements in a natural setting with a variety of opponents utilizing focus mitts and pads and pre-set block and attack principles to develop strength, speed and reaction timing for unforeseen situations. We finish with a cool down employing stretching and calisthenics and finally a calming meditation period to close the class.



Monday 7:20pm to 8:40pm

Wednesday 7:20pm to 8:40pm

Except public holidays


Would you like to join us?

First TWO lessons are FREE, simply drop in 10 minutes before commencement of class.


 Training fees

three calendar months - Train as often as you like for the one price

Adults $270

Child (under 18 years old) $150 * Using Active Kids Voucher, you must attend for 2 months once per week.


Or 6 training tickets valid for 3 months

Adult $100

Child (under 18 years old) $60 * except to use Active Kids voucher



The Crows Nest Centre

2 Ernest Place Crows Nest NSW 2065